Voice Lessons

A master teacher who can diagnose most vocal problems, Marje teaches a technique that works for all styles of singing. Students learn relaxation, breathing, projection, tone, diction, and delivery of an authentic and polished performance. Using exercises developed over 25 years of teaching, Marje has developed several warm-up tapes for students to take home.

An accomplished pianist, Marje also coaches and accompanies singers. Singers work with Marje to choose the right material, transpose to the right key, and develop a professional level of performance.  Microphone technique is also offered.

Students range in age from 11 to 80 years, and range in level from “never sang a note before” to experienced professionals.

“Marje offers both a safe, nurturing learning environment, and a wealth of musical knowledge that she shares expertly”.
– Whitney Schaffer, Singer-Songwriter

“Marje Wagner played an invaluable role in helping the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus … warming them up and teaching them …about where sound comes from, how to use their bodies and their breath to create it and how to tune their voices so that they would blend with each other. They all became better singers…. and there was a marked increase in the quality of their choral singing as a whole. Marje is a very skilled vocal coach and she teaches with enthusiasm and confidence in her students.”

– Bev Grant, Director, Brooklyn Women’s Chorus

“Marje is a wonderful teacher. She begins with amazing voice warm-ups that improve your voice by a ton and she helps you with all aspects, bringing your singing to a whole new level. She has helped not only expand my range but learn different types of songs and good ways to sing them. Now I can sing not only pop but songs by a variety of artists such as Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, Jason Mraz, Avril Lavigne, and Peggy Lee.”
– Iolanthe Brooks, 7th grader at M.S. 51

$110 for 60 minutes
$400 per 4-pk ($100/lesson)

$90 for 45 minutes
$340 per 4-pk ($85/lesson)