Vocal Performance

These small group settings are perfect for students who want to improve their vocal technique as well as their performance skills.

Over the course of eight to twelve weekly sessions, students work on vocal warm-ups, breathing exercises, tone and projection, and eventually bring home a CD with vocal exercises for home practice.

In addition, each student selects two songs to work on.  All aspects of a polished performance will be covered – tempo, style, arrangement, working with an accompanist, and how to tell a story with the lyrics.

workshop culminates in a concert given by the participants to showcase their songs.

This workshop is offered for singers of all levels of skill and experience: beginner, intermediate or advanced/ professional.  All ages from 12 and over are welcome to participate.  Special workshops for young people are available.

“Marje is an amazing and dedicated teacher.  I was very scared of singing in front of people, and I knew I needed to deal with this challenge.  It wasn’t easy, but Marje was kind, patient, and… After some weeks of practice and classwork, I got up and sang two standards at our student recital.  The terrifying moment became a thrilling one.”
– Linda Gnat-Mullin, Reiki master

“I felt inspired and guided at the same time.”
– Debra Kossar,  architect

(3 students per class)
$200 for 4 weeks
($50 per class)