Sound and Expression Workshop


The throat is the center of expression in our bodies.  It is from this spot that we communicate thoughts and feelings.  We do this through speaking words, singing, chanting, crying, yelling, groaning, sighing, whimpering, groaning, cooing… the list goes on.

Most of us have felt the frustration of not being able to say what needs to be said.  We have also felt the joy of sharing a true, heartfelt communication with someone else.

In this workshop we explore the use of the voice in expressing ourselves.  How do we use sounds to express emotions, ideas and moods?  How do we use tone of voice? Volume of voice?  How do we use song? Prayer?

Below the throat center sits the heart, so an open heart helps promote good, honest communication.

Using a variety of activities and exercises to open the throat and heart centers, this workshop asks: what do we want to say and how can we become more free about saying it?

We begin with breathing exercises and stretching (including partner yoga) and move on to some vocal warm-ups. Certain vowel sounds from ancient mantras are attuned to our chakras (energy centers along the spine) — we will intone these sounds to open our hearts and throats.

We will play with sounds, using them to express different moods, feeling or ideas.  We will compare this sounding with the sound of silence.

After much soundplay, we will learn a beautiful song and sing it together in harmony and call-and-response, creating a symphony of divine sound together.