Piano Lessons

Known for her patience and intuitive understanding, Marje specializes in giving beginner pianists confidence and enjoyment in playing.  Intermediate players who are returning to the piano after not playing for a while are also a specialty.

Beloved by her students, Marje has shepherded many children through the early years of learning the language of music.  Students receive a strong foundation in piano technique, finger strength, music theory, note reading and performance skills.

Both classical and jazz/pop styles are taught.

“Marje has truly been musically inspirational to both my daughters.  My eldest daughter was accepted to the band program at Mark Twain and also accepted to Christa McAuliffe’s band program, as well.  All thanks to Marje and her passion for teaching music. Music exudes from her very soul. I have also taken the voice lessons and I must say, she is the best.  Marje is the hidden jewel of Kensington.”
– Cathleen Oscar, realtor, mother of Amanda and Hannah Oscar

“Marje Wagner has been the perfect piano teacher for my son. She has high expectations, but get results with humor, enthusiasm, patience and flexibility. My son is playing beautifully, but piano lessons can be about so much more than just learning an instrument — something I’ve learned by watching Marje.”
– Elizabeth Reagh, graphic designer, mother of Dylan Reagh

“As a student of both piano and voice, Marje was able to show me how to grow musically, with a caring and compassionate demeanor.  Marje’s love for music and people come through in her teaching.  I felt inspired and guided at the same time.  I truly enjoy the time I now spend at home singing with my own piano accompaniment!”
– Debra Kossar, architect

$55 for 30 minutes
$200 for 4-pk ($50/lesson)

$85 for 45 minutes
$300 per 4-pk ($75/lesson)

$95 for 60 minutes
$360 per 4-pk ($90/lesson)