Coaching for Presenters

Love your job but hate your voice?  Wish your voice were less nasal and not so high-pitched?  Plagued by hoarseness and sore throat?  Marje Wagner, a master voice teacher, can help you.

Those who use their voice often –in business, politics or education – can encounter vocal problems which Marje can help address.

Basic presentation skills such as projection, tone and diction are taught.  Marje provides you with simple warm-ups which protect the voice as well as improve its quality.  YOU WILL WIN OVER YOUR AUDIENCE MUCH FASTER WHEN YOUR VOICE IS RICH, STRONG AND CONFIDENT.  Also, work on diction ensures that your audience will understand every word.

Even more important, Marje teaches presenters how to care for their voice to avoid hoarseness, soreness and loss of voice – all of which are not uncommon when we overuse the voice.

Relaxation and poise are taught to give confidence.  NOTHING IMPROVES YOUR PRESENTATION LIKE A CONFIDENT AND RELAXED APPEARANCE.  Marje brings not only her decades of experience as a voice teacher and live performer, but incorporates yoga, Alexander Technique and stress management techniques.

Private coaching and small classes available.  Large group workshops also available on site to businesses and corporate training facilities.