Coaching for Actors

Is this a familiar scenario? An actor spends years preparing and finally lands the BIG AUDITION that will change their career. Everything depends on it – and they know they’re ready because they’ve worked hard and paid their dues.

But… they don’t get the part. Why? BECAUSE OF THEIR VOICE! Perhaps it was too nasal, too soft, too high-pitched, or worse, the audience COULDN’T UNDERSTAND THEM!!

Specializing in vocal problems, Marje Wagner can address all of the above and make sure that this heart-breaking scene never happens to you, the actor. You’ll learn how to relax, breathe and support the tone of your voice to produce the rich and sonorous sound that we are all capable of making.

Marje will record personalized voice warm-ups for home practice which will you will use for a lifetime. ACTORS MUST HAVE A RICH AND STRONG VOICE – IT IS PART OF THEIR INSTRUMENT.

Also specializing in diction, Marje will help you pronounce every word with ease and confidence. An audience deserves to hear every word. GOOD DICTION IS AN OFTEN OVER-LOOKED YET BASIC SKILL REQUIRED OF ACTORS.

Private coaching and small classes available.